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Iowa Western Community College


EMS Refresher Course

The refresher course refreshes material already known by the students. New procedures and techniques may be briefly discussed in a refresher program, however they will not be taught in depth. The intent of these programs is to maintain a student’s competence in knowledge and skill performance. Our refresher program is a graduated program that has all levels of providers start together and they continue up through the level of continuing education that they need. This program follows the objectives put forth by the Department of Transportation and recommended by the National Registry of EMT’s. The purpose of the program is to meet the Refresher course requirement for re-registration (NREMT). The program may be used to satisfy some, if not all, of the requirements of many state certifications.  Participants are encouraged to know what continuing education requirements they need to satisfy. 

The most common format for the course is four hour sessions. These are normally offered one session per night on Tuesdays and Thursdays or two sessions during the day on Saturdays. Emergency Medical Responders need the first three of the twelve sessions, EMT's the first six, AEMT the first nine, and Paramedics all twelve session to complete the requirements.