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Iowa Western Community College

Foreign Language

Spanish Department

Few academic programs can compare to the job opportunities available to graduates in the field of foreign languages, especially Spanish. Iowa Western's Spanish program of study will prepare you to transfer and complete a bachelor’s degree, where you will be well versed in the areas of speaking, writing, literature and culture.

Due to a continuing influx of Spanish-speaking immigrants, the ability to speak the language creates opportunities for highly rewarding careers. Iowa Western’s program focuses on comprehension, pronunciation, reading, and writing. Our top-rate instructors will help you increase your oral and comprehension skills while also becoming familiar with Spanish culture.

Spanish translators are in high demand all over the country, whether it be police departments, hospitals, courts, or even the United Nations. After graduating from Iowa Western, you can pursue a bachelor’s degree that will pave the way to a world-wide market.


The Spanish department is housed in Stuart Hall. Full-time faculty have individual offices and hold various office hours to work closely with students.